The Woodshed Restaurant


The popular Woodshed Restaurant in downtown Scottsbluff opened March of 1969 youngsters by the hundreds have been going there. Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. John Paetow and their daughters, Starr 15 and Nanette, 11, Since December, 1970, the restaurant now caters to families but continues to feature Italian food as it has since its inception. Originally the establishment was created to cater to the college set. This was during the days when Hiram Scott College was a booming Scottsbluff institution. Upon the demise of the college, the restaurant was forced to change its image and the Paetows are obviously doing a successful job of encouraging family dining.

The Woodshed was conceived by two Hiram Scott College students James Whittaker of New York, a son-in law of the Paetows, and james Cesario of Chicago, They decided Scootsbluff needed a “hangout” that would appeal to the college crowd. They traveled extensively in Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota and the Panhandle area of Nebraska to gather ideas and then designed the interior and exterior of what had been a grocery store. The decor consists of dark stained planking both inside and out and thus the name Woodshed- as one of them said “because thats exactly what it looked like.” Shelves around the interior of the restaurant are stocked with antiques such as kerosene lanterns, pitchers, old bottles and even an apple cider press.

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